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The three types of technology are present in Rosa's clinical relationship with the team: instruments and inputs to improve her status, knowledge to understand the case and establish therapeutic measures and, finally, the central technology in this case: relationship, user embracement, bonding and care.
It seems that 2015, bring bags full of embracement due to poor governmental policies, as we already failed to fulfill the millennium development goal, polio eradication are few.
The Syrian citizens' struggle and support to the leadership of President al-Assad and their embracement around their Army have enabled them to defeat the conspiracy which was supported by an international systemized terrorism," the Minister added.
Diversity to me is the embracement of everyone's unique story and way of life.
In this sense, whereas I fully support Aune's project, I think his objectives are better served by the embracement of the concept of hegemony as opposed to ideology.
A tool to eradicate vendetta and retaliation in a nation after a long ethnic war is through awareness, acknowledgment and embracement of the ethnic differences that exists within a Country, after all the endurance of a nation lies within the unity of diversified cultures, traditions and religions.
User embracement in the Family Health Strategy in Brazil: an integrative review
The articles proceed historically, and range from the 1906 shootings in Rio Grande City to the present Ranger embracement of technology and welcome of diversity.
This generous initiative of His Highness confirms people's embracement, commitment and loyalty towards their leader.
A genuine secular shift cannot be simply the adoption of new investment products; it is the embracement of new investment practices founded upon a process of open innovation that uses a distributive problem-solving and production model.