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Author Sylvia McNicoll profiles Arthur Slade, novelist and enthusiastic embracer of new technologies that help him reach more readers.
Page 412: Given Kenneth Anger and given the photograph (one Hitler Youth's arm around the back, and hand on the shoulder, of another; the embracer is starting to giggle and the embracee looks a little "Uh-oh"), I suppose the essay--and Anger's film, Ich Will
While Hicks indeed relished being a "builder of buildings," many who knew him can attest that he was far more a visionary and embracer of social causes than Clark would seem to suggest --whether within the university or, indeed, across nations.
embraced, as in un abrazo fuerte, with not even a little bit of air between the embracer and the "embracee") as a way of exposing and subverting the liberal hegemonic paradigm that continues to control society and the academy, as a way of revealing the power differences that keep many at the mercy of a few, and as an antidote to a self-aggrandizement that will make us explode (well, maybe implode).
Finally, lest you think I am ending on a down note, what is described here is good for the overall industry and society as a whole--I am an impassioned embracer of a worldwide pulp and paper industry.
In future, apart from the RJ100 fleet transferred from London-Gatwick, the entire schedule will be flown by its franchise partner Maersk Air, the majority of whose services are operated by 50and 70-seater Bombadier regional jets, plus BA's 100 per cent subsidiary CitiExpress - formerly Brymon Airways and British Regional Airlines - flying 49-seat Embracer RJ 145 aircraft.
Whitman was our supreme compassionater and warm embracer.
The Hicksville display featured massagers for virtually every body part and included products like Relaxor's Embracer Belt and Back Support at $39.
What posture should industrial engineers take to face these new challenges--the embracer, subverter, or ambivalent bystander?