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Shand-Tucci defines Medieval and Modernist as 'more purely architectural'; American as a 'liberal' approach to politics which embraced both Mussolini and the New Deal (a not uncommon conjunction everywhere at the time); and Ecumenical in Cram's problems with reconciling Protestantism to a more embracing spirituality.
Paper companies have a great opportunity to push into higher margin businesses by embracing advances in technology, but they must move soon.
Chapters stress the process of "evolutionary elaring" which involves embracing new ideas without being dependent on an individual or teacher as the sole repository of the wisdom for which one seeks.
To meet the needs of the business and for the mobile, quality-focused customer base, embracing a comprehensive approach to deal with the over 50% yearly increase in data storage must be met with a pragmatic, yet compartmentalized ILM method.
And the lack of political will in the rich democracies has made the developing country democracies even less interested in embracing the long road of reform.
Here Ehrstine shows how reformers' rejected the tradition of the passion play and Fastnachtspiel (carnival play) while at the same time embracing humanist theater as a means of instruction.
The Catholic Register covered the letter in an article by Stephen Bede Scharper entitled "Christianity embracing environmental concerns.
Embracing the acronyms can be difficult, time consuming and expensive.
that generates about $25 million in sales and has 165 employees, is embracing the technology center's lean enterprise services.
Wilkins may be struggling to embrace history, but he is wholeheartedly embracing the cliche that the desire for less government is inherently racist.
He demonstrates that many Africans, slaves and free blacks as well as settlers sought to re-imagine themselves as British subjects, speaking English and dressing in European clothes and embracing Christianity and Victorian moral norms.