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In November 2015, Dungarvin acquired a portion of Embracing Autism's services with the tuck-in acquisition of the adult day program Transitions, serving approximately 15 individuals with autism.
The contract was described as a breakthrough for Embracing Sound Experience's single-speaker technology and the company said that it expected the licence deal to be worth some SEK5m over the next two years.
The lack of political will in the rich democracies has made lithe developing country democracies even less interested in embracing the long road of reform.
This is an important book: it addresses one of the uncomfortable truths of the colonial experience: that many colonized people sought to be included in the world of the colonizer by embracing European conventions.
Embracing this ambition, the add-a-pearl staging of Jewels and the company premiere of Agon promised the most appeal.
In Gilles and Gotscho, Paris, 1992-94/95, Goldin embraces everything, despite the pain of it; it is an embrace that haunts her show - sadly, gorgeously in Ric and Randy, embracing, Easthampton, 1994, and harrowingly in the slide that closes The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, two skeletons arm in arm, body to body.
She said that after embracing Islam, her husband want to kill her.
Colleges and universities today are embracing sustainable design more than ever.
Ghosh argues that Woodford opposes Wyclif's "monologic idealism," embracing instead "a pronouncedly dialogic, contingent, relativist framework of analysis" (17).
In sum, 'punishment' is consequent upon embracing a lie, and is 'administered' in the form of withdrawal of protections.
Our industry is being transformed into two types of companies, those that are embracing the technological revolution and those that aren't and are being left behind.