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KyLinTV, as the largest IPTV service broadcasting Chinese TV programs in North America, is proud to have the chance to exclusively offer a big-budget Chinese production like Embroiderer Lan Xin to our subscribers.
This makes the system cost-effective because an embroiderer can invest in only the exact number of heads needed -- whether it is one head or 30; even if it means having an odd number of heads.
The onscreen embroidery editing feature allows embroiderers to scale, mirror, duplicate and rotate designs, change thread colors and combine designs.
A CREATIVE workshop in Coventry will help embroiderers make colourful hangings out of patterns from Africa on Saturday.
After that, she had private lessons with the revered embroiderer Florence Wheaton, who became her mentor, as she set out to fulfil an ambition to create "heirlooms of the future".
Vantage Apparel will be an apparel supplier and the exclusive embroiderer for PGA of America's Member Merchandise Program
Works by 17 painters, seven sculptors, three draftsmen, seven photographers and an embroiderer will be on display for the 10th edition of JABAL (Young Fine Artists of Lebanon).
I'm an animal lover, embroiderer, make small quilts and crafts, watch old tv shows and movies, and I have about 50 pen pals; eight are "regulars.
Jenny Adin-Christie, 33, from Chessington, Surrey, added: "It makes it worth all the years of training as an embroiderer.
In diamond industry, I used to get just 5,000 rupees but here I am getting 8,00 to 9,000 rupees, and that's why I'm more satisfied here," said Hitesh Patel, an embroiderer.
She was a talented embroiderer and a member of the new Wellington Cathedral's linen guild for many years.
Cookery books, however, often included recipes for sweets and savories that were enclosed in puff paste formed into the shape of peascods, so something about this motif pleased the early modern cook and embroiderer both.