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Human beings differ from bees, monkeys, and other animals because of specific programs written in their chromosomes, which are responsible for the development of characteristic organs and functions during embryological evolution and tissular differentiation.
From the November 2010 international symposium "Imagining the Feminine in East Asian Religions and Medicine," held in Heidelberg, Germany, 12 essays explore the soteriological applications of embryological and gestational discourses in East Asian religious traditions.
Accessory transverse foramina in the cervical spine: incidence, embryological basis, morphology and surgical importance.
9] however, the adrenal cortex and medullary region have different embryological origins.
3 Although the exact pathophysiological mechanism is not known it could result from a defect in embryological development.
On the basis of a careful reading of the relevant passage from Politics VII, it is argued that the matter is more complicated than simply replacing Aristotle's defective empirical embryological claims with our more accurate ones.
2005), but there are few embryological studies, so new studies are necessary to improve the embryological knowledge of the family (Valles et al.
The anomalous origin of the appendix can be explained by an embryological theory of differential growth.
At four weeks, the embryological gut exists as a single tube, suspended anterior to the superior mesenteric artery (SMA).
Incomplete closure of this embryological communication may result in a urachal fistula, urachal sinus, urachal cyst or urachal diverticulum (Fig.