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This doubt, combined with the doubt raised by Reinert's and Gabriel's alternative explanations (and the failure of Hagopian and Lodge to counter them), constitutes a very strong case against the emendation.
prefers an emendation while other editors have seen fit to retain F's readings (see below, on II.
Their emendation shifted a Shakespearean paradox so that it became less ambiguous, more apparent and more active.
The editor's solution, displayed in half-tone, is supported by footnotes, while the critical apparatus provides a full discussion of the issues related to this problematic Sarabande, including all of the editorial emendations.
In a case such as this, where the original reading is clearly possible, at least, it seems irresponsible to make an editorial emendation.
The back of the book apparatus, however, ought to concern us, so let us look more carefully at the emendations and at the Parallel Passages.
Whether many scholars will follow the author's many proposed emendations and interpolations that result is harder to say.
I place a semicolon after line 2 because in line 3, at any rate with this emendation, sed does not mark the reason why the snail is not a miserabilis exul (after all, Symphosius does not say nam, and anyway the reason has already been given: porto domum mecum), but rather introduces a new clue in the form of a contrast between earth (solo) and heaven (caelo), an antithesis our poet is particularly fond of: cf.
Emendation utilizes modern theoretical analyses and formulations to clarify, test, and reformulate the idea the texts present.
This is a thought-provoking book; the essays written variously, as celebration and emendation, while identifying a new area of formal study now finding a place in a some larger universities in North America and in the United Kingdom.
its establishment (an emendation of the "National Congress of Mothers" formed just a decade earlier) at the time signaled the perceived importance of extending its power base beyond the moral authority of mothering.
The sixth and final chapter attempts to show how kapukurri can inform the emendation of Tjukurrpa.