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Geelani, who has called for a poll boycott in Kashmir, on Friday confirmed that Modi's emissaries did meet him and had offered to facilitate talks with Modi to seek the latter's commitment on Kashmir issue.
Geelani had caused a flutter in political circles by claiming on Friday that Modi had sent emissaries to him seeking help in the resolution of the Kashmir issue.
Yesterday, Geelani had said that Narendra Modi had sent two emissaries to approach him for a meeting on March 22 while he was in Delhi to talk about the Kashmir issue.
We receive emissaries who are saying, 'Gaddafi is prepared to leave.
Earlier, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe had said emissaries from Gaddafi's government were in contact with several NATO members, though he said there were no fully-fledged negotiations yet.
In the book, I asked the two what message they would carry if the next president asked them to serve as joint emissaries to Iran.
Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg, 29, and his wife, Rivkah, 28, were emissaries at the Chabad House, known as Nariman House in Mumbai, a worldwide network of houses run by Lubavitch emissaries, an ultra-Orthodox sect headquartered in Crown Heights, N.
Summary: A delegation of the emissaries of king Mohammed VI , composed of Foreign minister, TaE[macron]b Fassi Fihri, and head of the Moroccan intelligence (DGED), Mohamed Yassine Mansouri, paid visit to Yaounde on the fringes of the summit of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), held on June 23-25.
And so the great King of Canada sent out his emissaries to the mighty Kingdom of America in search of Medium-Lift Helicopters.
Evil was taking over good in the world, and through the generations, they had tried to send emissaries to guide them back to good.
Teagan Decker (UW) explains how visiting tutors act as emissaries of writing center communication, dialogic communication that values the nuances involved in the collaborative negotiation and appropriation of ideas.
Why aren't our schools instead paying tribute to peace activists, conscientious objectors, or other emissaries of nonviolence and hope?