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Headquartered in Blue Bell, PA, CeeLite is the world's first commercial manufacturer of Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology that is destined to redefine the way light is being used across industries.
Moreover, these new top emitting LED packages represent a lower-cost alternative to electroluminescent (EL) backlighting, eliminating the need for high voltages and difficulties with high-frequency electrical noise.
While our technology relies on extremely advanced and new principles of physics, the light emitting devices themselves are simple and easy to make.
As the material falls onto the dense star, it reaches searing temperatures of up to millions of kelvins, emitting both X rays and ultraviolet light-enough to fully ionize helium atoms.
Similar to 850nm VCSEL transceivers, 1310nm VCSEL transceivers have the potential to dominate short-to-medium distance single-mode fiber applications, displacing existing edge emitting laser transceivers in high-bandwidth and high-density optical systems.
The tunable light source is the industry's first OLED demonstration based on three separate, printable polymer inks emitting in the red, green and blue portion of the spectrum.
The finding that vehicles were emitting some 61 milligrams of ammonia per kilometer of travel surprised pollution analysts.
The University of Wisconsin analysis was conducted on emissions from a heavy duty diesel engine, emitting over 100,000 ug/hp-hr of toxic diesel particulates (PM).
A part of aequorin called coelenterazine reacts with oxygen to produce coelenteramide and carbon dioxide, while emitting light.