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Bathing and cleansing the skin is an integral part of the emollient regime.
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Emollient bath additives and washes are used in place of normal soap.
cosurfactant content and overall emulsifier hydrophilicity need to be adjusted depending on the type of emollient.
As a result of treating hemp and flax-hackling noil with the emollients preparation Pektochem, the technical fibre bundles undergo separation into smaller units.
Throughout south Asia, for example, mustard-seed oil is the emollient most commonly used on infants.
For example, if the manufacturer puts in an emollient that keeps the hand supple and soft, but the emollient is incompatible with another common ingredient, say chlorhexidine gluconate, you might not be getting the antimicrobial efficacy you presumed you were buying.
An emollient, it helps the skin stop drying out which can cause the dry, itchiness characteristic of eczema.
You can run 10 miles a day, stuff yourself with fruit or cover every exposed patch of skin with emollient.
Pharmaceutical company Chemeq Ltd (ASX: CMQ) has announced that as part of its research program aimed at taking the company into global human, as well as veterinary pharmaceutical markets, it has developed two new products, a unique sunscreen and a unique skin emollient.
To celebrate the launch of E45 Emollient Shower Cream, pounds 4.
Added to a variety of consumer products since the 1930s, DBP is used in cosmetics to reduce brittleness and cracking and as a "penetration enhancer" and emollient.