emotional tone

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Unlike previous spots from Anheuser-Busch's flagship beer brand, the online-only content carries a more emotional tone and portrays how having a plan to get home safe can result in a positive ending.
and Russian accents with no difficulty and supplies the appropriate emotional tone to various situations.
When you walk in, there's a metaphysical and strong emotional tone.
However she moved on to a very different emotional tone when she said, "Let me be very clear: The United States is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons," adding that if Iran developed a nuclear weapon, it would be "unacceptable".
The sound of children playing together is often missed when small schools close, which can impoverish the emotional tone of communities.
This word has a raw and emotional tone to it and should be replaced by a more neutral word such as 'reduction,' ' the state said.
The vivid storytelling and emotional tone dramatized for luxury executives the impact that each great customer experience can have on brand equity," said Pedraza.
The developers found that there were distinct differences between the emotional tone of emails between men and women, as women used more words from the joy-sadness axis, while men prefer using words from the fear-trust axis.
The study found that social sharing via media enhanced the emotional tone of the event and sharing a positive event increased its impact, an effect known as capitalization.
Hornsby, a multiple Grammy-winning artist, also played a special cue that can be heard near the end of the film, supporting the serious and emotional tone filmmakers sought.
She's so committed to the emotional tone of any dance, which gives me something to feed off of onstage.