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Here, one cannot help but recall Hanslick's argument against emotionalism in general, namely, that the grounds of emotive descriptions of music are too ambiguous to warrant an objectivist interpretation (On the Musically Beautiful, Indianapolis: Hackett 1986, 14).
It's important to know and understand the difference between emotionalism and passion, especially when you're engaged in the frenzied pace of deadlines, performance reviews, and stiff competition.
Despite the oversight of key issues like the operation of the Bluestocking Circle as a collective, male-female intimacy, emotionalism, and masculinity, this collection successfully expands the possibilities for understanding the Bluestockings.
Emotionalism has two principal manifestations: tears and special pleading.
Riding this wave of emotionalism, these attorneys succeed in securing large awards or exorbitant settlements.
In short, here Hatch brings a scholarly perspective to a subject matter that is often met with--even in some academic circles--an understandable but nevertheless distorting emotionalism.
Although my students' response to Camera Lucida varies--one student, outraged by the emotionalism of the prose, is dismissive of it; another, identifying with it, discreetly wells up in tears--our discussions of the book allow me to drive home an important point: theory is the product of embodied experience.
According to Hammer, cultures differ from one another around conflict styles along two main factors: emotionalism (controlled versus charged) and direct/indirect communication.
It's amazing how much you can learn by watching games, not as a spectator, but from a coaching perspective--focusing entirely on the game and never letting yourself get caught up in the excitement and emotionalism of the crowd.
An overwrought emotionalism is becoming the main tool of "argument.
As psychiatrists, we need to separate from the emotionalism of that word," Dr.