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Rosica encouraged Amos to tell his story in order to emotionalize and personalize his company and cookies.
In mass rallies, nationalist leaders used indigenous music to express and emotionalize the abstract concept of nation.
In fact, they have found a way to emotionalize every attraction to its fullest potential.
In these ways, Greenpeace did not simply emotionalize the debate, but also politicized and democratized it.
That would be unwise, Bush says, because it would only provide "a chance for people to rant and rail, a chance for people to emotionalize the process beyond the questions that need to be asked.
Where the latter is able, among other things, to stand for and emotionalize a general social phenomenon of poverty, victimization, and unemployment, the former seem to stand for little but their own eccentricity and the arbitrariness of the camp world in which they either sink or swim.
34) To read the oral narratives of these soldiers is not simply to emotionalize and glorify their experiences.