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Indy out of Dancing Brave's top-class sister Jolypha' Emotivity (545), out of the Grade 2 winner Didina' and Look Far (548), the first foal out of the Listed winner Marani.
Although the cognitive status of their discourse referent is given or active in the context, and although the pronouns in themselves do not convey any new information, their RELATION to the predicate carries a touch of unexpectedness or emotivity on the speaker's part, which distinguishes them from scrambled, thematic definites.
What makes David's canvases seductive is their latent (rather than blatant) emotivity.
Through interpretive and quantitative approaches, I emphasize that a satisfactory account of referential forms cannot be reached unless one understands how the writer's emotivity plays a part in choosing referential forms.
For vir, the conditions under which it is optional or obligatory and the variables that govern its usage as a direct object marker, such as nominal category, animacy, position of the direct object, emotivity, and style, see Ponelis (1993: 265-272), Raidt (1976), and Donaldson (1993:341-346, 387-388).