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However, the majority of studies dedicated to analyzing the effectiveness of family psychoeducation for patients with schizophrenia (21-26) are based on analyzing changes in expressed emotivity and rate of relapse; they rarely assess their effectiveness in controlling symptoms, especially negative ones.
And it may well be entirely reasonable to surmise that, in a work like this which--despite its literary quality--will inevitably be read against the background of the sentimentality of the novela rosa, pressure might be exerted by the publisher to enhance the romantic emotivity and thereby increase sales.
Buddhism tempers the elements of fixation, irrationality, emotivity, and violence in Christian thinking and presents a peaceful, reasonable, wholesome mode of being present religiously to the contemporary world.
sent (OED scent) + -lesse, eg scentless 1605q SENESCERE Chambers senescent (Latin) EDENTATES OED edentate noun NERTERIUS Cambarus nerterius eruca, ITISa ENTERPONE OED STERCOLIN Web2 CARPOLITE OED ETIOLIPES Camponotus etiolipes floridus, ITISa REUNITERS OED erunite ESSENESSE Palindromicon II TAPADEROS OED tapadero noun AGREEMONY OED PROGNOSED OED prognose vb AEGROTARE Chambers aegrotat (Latin) DENOMINAL OED EMOTIVITY OED emotive 2c ROSANILIN Stedman ONERATING OED onerate vb, also in Web1 under onerate SYDELYNGE OED sideling
If in some cases objective dangers can justify fear, it is the process of the subjectivization of risk that brings about a transformation of the nature of such dangers and alters their intensity, according to the degree of the anxiety or emotivity of the subject.
This passage provides compelling evidence of a nationalism so germaine to "female" emotion and emotivity as to translate easily into a state of sexual arousal and orgasmic dispersion.
On numerous occasions in the Salons Diderot urges painters to be more Homeric, to depict savage images, and thus to generate in spectators an encounter with the kind of raw emotivity that wrenches them from an otherwise inauthentic and unfelt experience of art, one as stylized and vapid, as superficial and artificial, as much of the mannered painting Diderot rails against.
Indy out of Dancing Brave's top-class sister Jolypha' Emotivity (545), out of the Grade 2 winner Didina' and Look Far (548), the first foal out of the Listed winner Marani.
Although the cognitive status of their discourse referent is given or active in the context, and although the pronouns in themselves do not convey any new information, their RELATION to the predicate carries a touch of unexpectedness or emotivity on the speaker's part, which distinguishes them from scrambled, thematic definites.
What makes David's canvases seductive is their latent (rather than blatant) emotivity.