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Relatedly, there are empirical and theoretical grounds for arguing that people could commit harmful acts against others in the presence of an empathic response.
Keith's reaction is a classic example of empathic distress, an emotional state characterized by the inability to tolerate the perceived pain or suffering of another.
In his book, Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It, Krznaric outlines habits of highly empathic people.
Think of the empathic connection as the difference between what someone said and what they actually meant.
Also, given the selflessness findings for empathic concern, it might be that the connection between UC-Other and empathic concern would be stronger than the connection between UC-Other and perspective taking.
Counselor training programs are exceptional at providing a vehicle for attaining empathy skills, partly because they support and challenge students to grow and deepen their complex cognitive skills, which seem to be related to the ability to be empathic (Eriksen & McAuliffe, 2006; McAuliffe & Eriksen, 2010).
Encouragingly, most tutors express appreciation not only for the training that helps them become more empathic and tolerant, but also the chance to reflect on these internal changes, as Sloan is able to do in his essay, and we are able to do in this one.
The first hypothesis concerned empathic arousal and specified that children would experience empathic arousal in response to a storybook about an animal character.
But in the process, we must not lose understanding of the immemorial empathic relationship between humankind and the materials with which we construct architecture.
Clearly recounted case vignettes get to the heart of what is going wrong between youngsters and their parents, and show how simple, empathic interventions can make a big difference.
In that book, a polemic against Theodor Adorno's aesthetics of negativity, Jauss rehabilitated empathic identification, and the pleasure of an "enhanced, deconceptualized" perception, as grounds of aesthetic experience.