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Aaron, eventually captured by Goth soldiers who in turn hand him over to Titus's son Lucius as he returns to Rome with martial force against the empery, cares little for his own life but takes great pains to preserve his baby son.
From the genesis perspective, the intellectual history of Belarusian national space is often described as the sluggishness of coexistence of a number of embryonic stereotypes, based on different fragments of historical memory--hailing from Old Rus', the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL), the First Rzeczpospolita, Russian Empery, traditional peasantry and, of course, the demised Soviet Union (SU).
Or there we'll sit, Ruling in large and ample empery O'er France and all her almost kingly dukedoms, Or lay these bones in an unworthy urn, Tombless, with no remembrance over them.
In The Frame: Never Say Die, Crepello, St Paddy, Sir Ivor, Nijinsky, Roberto, Empery, The Minstrel, Teenoso.
Thirty years may have elapsed since Empery plundered the blue riband for France but hopes are high in the Andre Fabre camp that Visindar can become the first winner from across the Channel since 1976.
The Andre Fabre-trained colt is unbeaten in three starts and will face 17 rivals in his bid to land a first for France since Empery in 1976.
Andre Fabre has yet to win the mile-and-a-half Classic and no French-based runner has struck Epsom gold since Empery in 1976, but that has not stopped the punters piling money on to this horse.
French raids on the Epsom Derby have proved fruitless since Empery carried Lester Piggott to the seventh of his nine triumphs in the blue riband as long ago as 1976.
And the dragon himself, as a genius of the older order, is bathed in this light so that even as he begins to stir, the reader has a premonition that the days of his empery are numbered.
The Garden" is indeed a place "Where all who came might stand to try/The grace of this green empery.
The investors in this offering included affiliates of Tenor Capital (with backing from a major investment bank), Hudson Bay Capital, and Empery Capital.
Empery Asset Management LP was the top ranked investor in the first quarter by number of investments, with 11 deals.