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In the foregoing description of the emphases of the transitional library model (TLM), it has been suggested: for education and training, 2 percent of the salary budget should be allocated; for new service opportunities, 3 percent of the operating budget; for user responsiveness, 2 tenths of 1 percent of the operating budget; for teamwork, only the education and training costs; for fiscal empowerment, no additional costs; and for more effective management systems, only the E&T costs.
While these essays maintain the broad emphases of the volume, they also serve to recontextualize the earlier discussions of canon formation and oral traditions, further developing Ruoff and Ward's "patchwork quilt" image and their call to forge new critical perspectives.
There was no topic to which half or more of the programs in every field gave "considerable" or "heavy" emphasis and some topic emphases appeared to be field specific.
While it is difficult to generalize about the emphases of recent Italian historical scholarship on the early modern period, certain recurrent themes are evident.