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To emphasize his remarks, he pulled out a gold-sack the size of a bologna sausage and thumped it down on the bar.
Not alone did it give him the same dark and murky aspect of the Silva house, inside and out, but it seemed to emphasize that animal-like strength of his which she detested.
Wherefore, probably, he practised his iron inhibition and preached it to others, and preferred women of his own type, who could shake free of this bestial and regrettable ancestral line and by discipline and control emphasize the wideness of the gulf that separated them from what their dim forbears had been.
Anne started off irreproachable, arrayed in the stiff black- and-white sateen, which, while decent as regards length and certainly not open to the charge of skimpiness, contrived to emphasize every corner and angle of her thin figure.
This distinction should be kept in mind, but in what follows it will not be to our purpose to emphasize it.
Realism, in the broad sense, means simply the presentation of the actual, depicting life as one sees it, objectively, without such selection as aims deliberately to emphasize some particular aspects, such as the pleasant or attractive ones.
Johnson turned obediently to the door, at the same time, over the cook's shoulder, favouring me with an amazingly solemn and portentous wink as though to emphasize his interrupted remark and the need for me to be soft-spoken with the captain.
This school of psychologists tends not to emphasize the object.
At the institution I attended there was no industrial training given to the students, and I had an opportunity of comparing the influence of an institution with no industrial training with that of one like the Hampton Institute, that emphasizes the industries.
I choose to emphasize many data gathering strategies and techniques slightly more than analysis, because data gathering better engages students with the logic and practice of qualitative inquiry, especially when they are given opportunities for actually collecting data.
While some Hispanic reformers "want to emphasize immigrants' participation in the 'American dream'," Cardenas and the MSN cadres say they "see this as an important moment in the anti-capitalist struggle for worker rights and emphasize the 'reserve army' role that most migrant workers assume within the neo-liberal capitalist system.
Thus, several chapters emphasize the necessity of accurate contextual understanding of individuals (rather than seeing only contexts--race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and so forth) in order to enhance effective counseling and therapy and prevent obscuring the individual; which may prevent accurate contextual understanding.