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In business since 1979 and in over 300 facilities in 40 states, Data Med emphasizes the flexibility of its clinical and financial software.
Appeal to logic - Emphasize investigative evidence, futility of resistance - Change subject when necessary - Pursue confessions for multiple offenses
Senator Harkin said, "I cannot emphasize enough that informed people with disabilities, employers and rehabilitation professionals will be the primary people who will make the ADA work, not the lawyers.
Our) philosophy on educational excellence and leisure opportunities is evident in all of our youth programs, (which) emphasize each child's needs and personal development while working in a group.
the basics which tends to emphasize a subject matter centered curriculum.
Down markers, the clock, anything a coaching staff feels is important, can be used to help emphasize the game situations.
But we have changed the criteria to emphasize that we need a strong general manager, someone who has animal control experience but also who can coordinate with several departments, who can oversee volunteer services, fund raise and who can manage budgets and administration work.
Nevertheless, the concern with textual monuments is easily documented, while Eriksen emphasizes also the impact of scriptural references to or metaphorizations of the process of building, which color classically derived topomorphisms, some times subversively.
Here and in other works, several authors emphasize that macro-level economic statistics cannot completely capture a complicated picture.
The correction(s) made in pupil behavior must emphasize positive approaches.