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Realism, in the broad sense, means simply the presentation of the actual, depicting life as one sees it, objectively, without such selection as aims deliberately to emphasize some particular aspects, such as the pleasant or attractive ones.
The Right emphasizes individuality, the Left emphasizes community.
The curving distortion that the wide-angle lens adds to the perspective emphasizes the sweeping embrace of the huge structure as it arcs across the frame.
Each state emphasizes that pupil progress may be monitored through testing.
To underscore the performance aspect of the interviewing process, I draw on dramaturgical theory in sociology (Goffman 1959), which emphasizes the way we present self-images to manage the impressions of others.
Looking into the future, Weigel emphasizes the importance of the new Pope's choice of name.
In critiquing the DSM's classification system regarding mental disorders of adolescents, Grisso emphasizes the value of the conceptual approach of developmental psychopathologists.
A second advantage is that the book emphasizes the essential skill of addressing each individual contextually.
The DASH diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and lowfat dairy products and includes whole grains, poultry, fish, and nuts.
Rather than emphasizing the "labor" aspect of Chinese exclusion, she emphasizes the "western" part of the equation, arguing that the late 19th-century U.
We have few data points with which to work," emphasizes McKean.
In a departure from earlier practice, and in contrast to the continent (where the most famous theoretical treatises were largely written by men trained in more purely scholarly fields such as philosophy, natural science, and mathematics), she emphasizes that the majority of seventeenth-century English guides to music theory were written by professional musicians who were actively involved in teaching.