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By choosing a high vantage point to shoot down on the job, I am able to tell a construction story in human, rather than mechanical, terms, isolating and emphasizing the man, and relating him to his task.
Emphasizing the competition significantly fueled cadets' natural competitiveness and noticeably improved learning.
Hooykaas in emphasizing Calvin's providentialism, which lay at the root of the new science's emphasis on observation and experiment, so clearly evident in Boerhaave's work.
20) Deceptive people often show deliberative, pensive displays, such as touching fingers to their chin or stroking their cheeks, as though they still are thinking about something, rather than emphasizing the point they are making.
Thiell concluded by emphasizing that several different RP options can work for each application, and new technology is being developed constantly.
The hurdler must identify an arm radius (bent/extension) that is consistent with body lean, height, and flexibility The preferred posture is a slight off-center forward body lean while emphasizing arm action to control balance and maintain a consistent sprinting rhythm.
The Westernized concept of seeing life span as emphasizing change, planning, and individual differences fits with the modern opportunities of rapid economic growth and social change in Taiwan.
Worse yet, some companies go out of their way to trick shoppers by emphasizing ingredients that are added in minuscule amounts or aren't there at all.
Bell textures the discussion further by focusing on other well-known typologies, contrasting the ritual styles between, for example, oral societies and literate ones, religions emphasizing orthopraxy and those that stress orthodoxy, and religious groups that may be distinguished as church, sect, and cult.
The data of visual culture--from cornflakes packaging to toys--are filtered through artistic conventio ns from Max Ernst to James Rosenquist emphasizing the particularities of art as a framework.
In emphasizing the value of knowledge as a business resource, knowledge management experts employ arguments about the ownership and importance of information that records managers have been using for decades.
The word beat occurs here eleven times in its various forms, thereby emphasizing the rhythmic qualities of the prose passage and establishing our recognition of the "silent beat" that coveys an opposite and concurring rhythm as well.