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Empiric Student Property is an internally managed real estate investment trust investing in direct-let, premium, student accommodation, both standing and development assets, in prime central locations in top university cities and towns in the UK.
Empiric will be responsible for marketing and letting the scheme through the Hello Student operating platform, with a show flat being made available from January 2017.
Empiric bought the property from the developer, Bywater Properties.
Following the expiry of the lease, Empiric intends to direct let the property.
aureus isolates has declined, likely related to the increased use of this agent for empiric as well as definitive treatment of community-acquired (CA) MRSA infections, encouraging the transmission of the genes associated with clindamycin resistance.
The project is due to be handed over to Empiric ahead of the 2016 academic year.
3% (9/59) of patients who received beta-lactam (BL) empiric therapy, died from bacteremia complications; the mortality difference was driven by a lack of appropriate empiric therapy in the NBL group (52% vs.
The latest acquisition of Empiric will accelerate the integration of the two companies' systems, and reinforce competitiveness in the U.
Patients in the empiric treatment group did not undergo testing but received the same dose and duration of acid suppression.