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An artist's <Bimpression of student accommodation previously acquired by Empiric Student Property
This data would seem to support the correlation that empiric combination therapy is associated with improved outcomes, but that was not specifically addressed in this study.
Twenty-seven percent of patients (301/1134) received TZP during the period in which TZP was the protocol-specified antibiotic for empiric therapy of sepsis of unknown aetiology.
Eight changes were due to resistance of the isolated organism to the empiric antibiotic; 13 involved a switch to less costly or more appropriate antibiotics.
Paul Hadaway, chief executive of Empiric Student Property plc, said: "Newcastle is an ideal target city for Empiric - an exciting student city with two popular universities.
Another study found that empiric treatment with methotrexate did not reduce complications or save money (Fertil.
We then prescribed empiric ciprofloxacin at 500 mg orally twice a day.
In Taiwan, the advent of advanced molecular diagnostic technologies, such as Galactomannan, has resulted in a shift from empiric and prophylactic therapy to a more targeted and pre-emptive therapy," notes the analyst of this research service.
Empiric Student Property PLC has announced it has exchanged deals to buy the freehold and leasehold of a student accommodation property on London Road in Southampton, for a cash consideration of GBP3.
The significant increase in number of patients is shifting the focus of managing SFI from empiric and prophylactic methods to targeted and pre-emptive treatment.
Empiric vancomycin is recommended for suspected catheter-associated bloodstream infection in health care settings with elevated prevalence of methicillin-resistant S.