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The empirically supported treatment review process begins with explicit, systematic, and thorough procedures for identifying literature that may be relevant to the review question.
Evidence-based, empirically supported, or best practice?
In addition to empirically derived explanations of physiology and disease, healthcare providers must have an appreciation for human meaning derived from philosophy, history, and other branches of the humanities to begin to grasp what lies behind human understandings and experiences of health, disease, and illness.
These empirically supported relationships are aspects of the way in which client and therapist interact, that research has been able to relate favorably to treatment outcome or process.
Data from XcelENTS also provides an empirically based measurement of media relations' effectiveness, reflecting outcomes with individual media outlets and journalists as well as larger trends within the news media as a whole.
I'm hoping that people will-see when you study it empirically, it's not the case," Biernbaum said.
While awaiting the results of a culture, we ordered computed tomography (CT) of the paranasal sinuses and treated the patient empirically with a fourth-generation quinolone (gatifloxacin) and a topical nasal steroid spray.
Empirically treat adults with a clinical prediction score of 4; perform rapid test on those with a score of 2 or 3, and treat those with positive results.
This paper empirically demonstrates the notion that inventories are pivotal in determining price behavior in crude oil markets by finding that, in the short run, price elasticity of relative demand is much smaller than the elasticity of relative inventory.
Concluding that the map is 'at once empirically rooted and imaginatively liberated and liberating', he makes the case for the map as a prosthetic extension of the human body, highlighting the significance of digital mapping technologies not as new, but as the continuation of an important thread of architectural discourse.
However, a recent, empirically motivated argument seems to have convinced many that primary quality theories cannot be sustained.
This book presents an empirically based interventive approach to helping adolescents and families deal with adolescent depression and suicide.

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