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When asked how the 2009 recommendation that MPs should no longer be allowed to employ family members at public expense would affect him if imposed now, he said: "It would be a big disruption to my life.
Mr Asghar said: "I said, can I employ her without wages?
Lorely Burt (Lib Dem *Solihull), the party spokeswoman on small businesses, employs her husband, Richard Burt as part-time research assistant.
The majority of Project Employ first-year participants have had disease symptomatology for some time.
Five MPs employ more than one member of their family.
For example, if an auditor's firm employs an appraiser and decides to use that appraiser as part of its audit staff to evaluate real estate carrying values, SAS no.
He went on to commend the workers with disabilities, the agencies who employ them and NISH for having "provided some of the finest support to the armed services that our country can offer.
FPB national chairman Len Collinson said: "It is pleasing to see that women entrepreneurs in Wales are in a position to employ more staff.
This has forced some small practitioners to offer new types of services and employ various marketing techniques.