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It must stand in need of no intermediate legislations; but must itself be empowered to employ the arm of the ordinary magistrate to execute its own resolutions.
You have not hesitated to entrust your heads to a man, whom no one could employ to make even the shoes for their feet.
You are not without the capacity of veneration, and faith and hope, and conscience and reason, and every other requisite to a Christian's character, if you choose to employ them; but all our talents increase in the using, and every faculty, both good and bad, strengthens by exercise: therefore, if you choose to use the bad, or those which tend to evil, till they become your masters, and neglect the good till they dwindle away, you have only yourself to blame.
But the latest register of interests shows nine MPs continue to employ such people, including one MP who joined in the 2015 intake.
But the transitional period has now come to an end and from the new term that officially starts on July 1, no MEPs will be able to employ family members.
The SNP's Willie Coffey has employed his sister Helen as an assistant since 2007 and the parliament's presiding officer Tricia Marwick, also a Nat, employs her son Steven as an assistant.
Charlotte Atkins (Lab Staffordshire *Moorlands) employs her husband Gus Brain as a part-time senior researcher and Parliamentary assistant.
The European Parliament has already decided that it is not appropriate for MEPs to employ relatives.
We constantly hear that they should be paid large salaries as if they were running big companies, but there is no company whose boss can turn up and employ his wife as a secretary.
Among the new list are: Sir Stuart Bell (Middlesbrough) employs wife Margaret as office manager; Robert Goodwill (Scarborough and Whitby) employs wife Maureen as an executive secretary; Phil Wilson (Sedgefield) employs partner Margaret Brown, as parliamentary assistant and Iain Wright (Hartlepool) employs wife Tiffiny as caseworker.
He agrees with Coletti that President Bush should have said more about punishing those who employ illegals, but says words won't make a difference.
Whenever an offense employs a Wide-Slot tight end set with two backs in the backfield, we will flop our corner and reduce the safety on the tight-end side.