employ capital

See: fund, invest
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Thus, from the perspective of corporations and corporate fiduciaries, a central question is: What business plans over what time periods should be pursued to most profitably employ capital and labor?
Garner, who owns Mama's Manna Bakery, told committee members that Arkansas businesses were at a tax disadvantage compared with bordering states, noting that of those states only Louisiana and Missouri currently employ capital gains taxes.
Furthermore, as the Hauge does not employ capital punishment there would have been no threat of Saddam's second trial, for his part in the genocide of the al-Anfal Campaign, being annulled by his death.
Moreover, as long as firms struggle to find effective substitutes for oil, a rise in its price will make it more costly to employ capital equipment that uses oil.
The corporation presented sufficient evidence to support the contention that it did not employ capital, that it did not own any property, and that it was absolutely inactive.
While these projects were forecast to have good rates of return, in retrospect the industry did not employ capital effectively--many projects did not achieve returns equal to those of U.
We have a world-class project-management process that is helping us improve greatly in two areas: decision quality - ensuring that the right people have the right data when deciding whether a project should proceed; and project execution - excelling in engineering, construction and start-up so that we employ capital most efficiently.
The Department came to this conclusion even though the corporation did not employ capital, own or lease property, or maintain an office in New York.