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The sole purpose of education is not just to produce employable people.
Often, such events also have training and HR firms running a full programme of employer- led company presentations, employability skills sessions and on- campus interviews which take you a step further in making you more employable.
Quality be Employers think that qualified apprentices are 15 per cent more employable than those with other qualifications.
While the average annual salary reported by a student before entering one of ITT Tech's programs of study was approximately $17,000 in 2011, the average annual salary reported by our 2013 employable graduates was $33,393 as of April 30, 2014.
Jesr al Mustaqbal' is aimed at helping young Omanis belonging to social welfare families to receive proper education and vocational training that will enable them to develop employable skills and improve living standards, social and economic status and thereby contribute to the development of the country.
It finds out that 53% of Indian graduates are not employable for any job in the Indian knowledge economy (See sector/role wise employability in table).
The participants were shown photographs of women with and without headscarf and were asked to rate them on how intelligent, employable and attractive they appeared.
Less employable 77% No change 20% More employable 3%
The number of such companies, who employ 620 000 of Bulgaria's employable population of nearly 2 million, has dropped by 1% in a year, according to BSMEPA.
The Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2011 ranked Aston Business School as third in the UK and fourth in the world for careers, reflecting their global reputation for producing skilled and employable graduates.
Resulting in many of them being more employable, than their non-academically gifted counterparts who remained within the comprehensive system.
The chef believes it's in everyone's best interests if the prisoners pay something back into the system by working, especially if it gives them the chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification and makes them more employable on their release.