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Kenny Toal, executive producer, added: "Mission Employable is a programme aimed at a mainstream audience and a programme that will be enjoyed by both deaf and hearing youngsters alike.
Often, such events also have training and HR firms running a full programme of employer- led company presentations, employability skills sessions and on- campus interviews which take you a step further in making you more employable.
The participants were shown photographs of women with and without headscarf and were asked to rate them on how intelligent, employable and attractive they appeared.
Less employable 77% No change 20% More employable 3%
The number of such companies, who employ 620 000 of Bulgaria's employable population of nearly 2 million, has dropped by 1% in a year, according to BSMEPA.
The Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2011 ranked Aston Business School as third in the UK and fourth in the world for careers, reflecting their global reputation for producing skilled and employable graduates.
The Community Foundation for Merseyside has distributed pounds 1m to Merseyside's communities in a bid to target worklessness and progress individuals towards employment via its Employable Communities Fund.
recently launched its Be Employable initiative to help in sustaining the infrastructure professions.
The government claims that prison farms no longer provide employable skills to inmates because the number of farms in Canada has declined.
At the end of the internship, they will be more employable and some may be kept on.
The number of employable Alaskans fluctuates from month to month, from a high of 361,702 in July to a low of 348,947 in January.
They will also have to take skills checks to make sure they are employable, she added.