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EMPLOYED. One who is in the service of another. Such a person is entitled to rights and liable to. perform certain duties.
     2. He is entitled to a just compensation for his services; when there has been a special contract, to what has been agreed upon; when not, to such just recompense as he deserves.
     3. He is bound to perform the services for which he has engaged himself; and for a violation of his engagement he may be sued, but he is not liable to corporal correction. An exception to this rule may be mentioned; on the ground of necessity, a sailor may be punished by reasonable correction, when it is necessary for the safety of the vessel, and to maintain discipline. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1001: 2 Id. n. 2296.

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In the services sector, the average labour productivity per person employed was BGN 4,930 in the first quarter of 2016.
Ten new graduates were employed in district nursing services and two each in obstetrics and maternity, and public health, with 17 employed in other practice settings.
By purposive non-probability sampling technique, 150 sample size was selected among attendants of regular patients, after fulfilling inclusion criterion of employed and unemployed women, in age group of 15-40 years, having regular menstrual cycles, without history of major depression, epilepsy or hypertension or taking medications for these disorders and those taking oral contraceptives, diuretics or corticosteroids.
Angela Burns, Conservative, Carmarthen West & Pembrokeshire South: Since August 2007 Mrs Burns has employed husband Andrew for 18.
The SNP's Willie Coffey has employed his sister Helen as an assistant since 2007 and the parliament's presiding officer Tricia Marwick, also a Nat, employs her son Steven as an assistant.
Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, researchers studied 1,165 women who had a singleton first birth between 1981 and 1994, were interviewed both just before and during that pregnancy; and had been adequately employed (neither receiving poverty wages nor working part-time involuntarily) at the first interview.
Barber and Strack then use algebra to factor in the number of people employed (P), so that:
Fifty-six percent were employed in elementary assignments, defined as grade levels ranging from pre-kindergarten to sixth-grade.
The Department of the Interior employed 528 of the officers who were assaulted, and 109 of these officers were injured.
Analysis was restricted to individuals who listed themselves as either self-employed in incorporated or unincorporated businesses, employed in local, state, or federal governments, or employed in private for-profit or private not-for-profit companies.
For example, the Tax Court in Salkov (57 TC 727) found that a Jewish cantor who wasn't ordained but who had a bona fide commission and who was employed by a congregation on a full-time basis was a minister for tax purposes because he performed the religious worship, sacerdotal, training and educational function as specified by Jewish religious tenets.
This case study explores how Commander, Task Force 50 (CTF-50) during Operation Enduring Freedom employed innovative, network-enabled C2 capabilities.