employment fee

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The women pay the company an employment fee and/or a percentage of their hourly compensation.
In a nutshell, the introduction of an employment fee or a bonding scheme can eliminate involuntary unemployment, making obsolete unemployment as a worker discipline device.
We study a type of contract which is prevalent in the real world and, most importantly, can act as a perfect substitute for the employment fee or bonding scheme as far as the elimination of involuntary unemployment is concerned.
As far as the replacement is concerned, we solve the "bonding issue" in the sense that the tournament contract can act as a perfect substitute for the employment fee or bonding scheme in the elimination of involuntary unemployment, and that employment fees are rarely observed but tournament contracts are prevalent in the real world.
Their desperation is heightened by the fact that, often, an entire family's savings or assets are depleted in order to pay for the employment fee.
Charging the worker for the visa and employment fees or deducting such fees from his wage without any ad hoc law or legislation will attract a fine of Dh20,000.
However, no employer, particularly in Lithuania, wants to make advance employment fees to the agencies, as he or she would rather look for a needed worker on their own.
The new regulations are defining our activity as, lately, we have been collecting money not as much as from employment fees, as from job seekers' document arrangements," Jonaitiene acknowledged to The Baltic Times.
Swedish passenger ferries are using a system with net wages for the crew, which means that the employer doesn't pay employment fees nor taxes on wages to the state.
The state support would be in the form of cash, lower taxes or lower employment fees for the employer, Itala told the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat.

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