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Originally the upscale division of Daitch-Shopwell, The Food Emporium operates in many of Manhattan's most upscale neighborhoods, and incorporated A&P's Manhattan stores when A&P acquired it in the 1980s.
The T Salon & T Emporium wholesales its imported and domestic tea collections to hotels and restaurants worldwide and will open a luxurious showroom at 134 West 26th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues.
Emporium was a Eugene-based department store chain that declared bankruptcy on Dec.
In July 2001, after an extensive review of the on-line shopping and giving system, the Internal Revenue Service issued to Charitable Emporium.
The Drug Emporium label has been a major contributor to front-end sales in stores where the front end accounts for 75% of volume.
But after Snyder's purchase of 76 Drug Emporium outlets last year the company decided to use the latter name for its house brand chainwide.
Health Emporium just about broke even in October 1995, its first month of operation, says Allen Lalwani, the operator of two Drug Emporium stores in North Bergen, who runs Health Emporium as a separate business.
In approving the liquidation plan, Radcliffe commended Emporium and its team of lawyers and advisers for the relatively high payoff.
The payoff has been seeing Drug Emporium emerge from its chapter 11 filing under its former owner to flourish under Snyder's.
Greer, who is also chief operating officer of Snyder's new discount store division comprising Drug Emporium, Vix and F&M outlets, likes the chain's prospects for both the short and long term.
CORRECTION (ran 10/30/03): Emporium founder Dallas Troutman is likely to receive a little more than $1 million to settle his claims against his firm's bankruptcy estate.