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As it is clear from table 3, p-value is lower than level of significance 1%, therefore, it could be concluded that in 99% level of significance a direct and strong relationship exists between organization KM and human resources empowerment.
This means all of variables have a positive and direct relationship with empowerment of human resources.
889) and indicates that with 89% approximation, the empowerment changes (dependent variable) will be explained with aspects KM.
For every one unit increase in creativity, empowerment of human resources raises up to 0.
for every one unit increase in problem solving, empowerment of human resources goes up to 0.
Every increases in benchmarking, increases human resources empowerment up to 0.
When participation level rises as one unit, human resources empowerment increases near 0.
with one unit increase in transfer of experience, human resources empowerment goes up to 0.
The main purpose in this study was the evaluation of relationship between knowledge management and empowerment of human resources.
It is recommended researchers due to enhancing the organizations empowerment, seek to determine structural equations and calculate the organization's function according to definite variables.
791 correlation coefficient a strong and direct relationship exists between KM and empowerment of human resources.
For increasing organization empowerment through intrinsic variables of human resources, senior managers have to plan for empowerment of human resources augmentation based on correlation coefficients of table 4 and problem solving (0.

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