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For increasing organization empowerment through intrinsic variables of human resources, senior managers have to plan for empowerment of human resources augmentation based on correlation coefficients of table 4 and problem solving (0.
According to table 5, t-Students Test results show that there is going to be a direct and significant relationship occurs between human resources empowerment and KM.
They also have no weak or less meaningful relationship with human resources empowerment.
Planning, establishment and implementation of KM and determination of organization used resources in enhancement of human resources empowerment.
Using mathematical model in related funding to enhancement of human resources empowerment.
Application of Freedman Test for classification of increasing patterns of empowerment of human resources variables for linear programming.
Determination of empowerment function according to effective pattern by step-by step regression as ultimate empowerment model.
an integrative model of the empowerment process, Human Resource management, 12(1): 419-443.
The next level in employee Empowerment Quality Progress, research Library core.
The relationship of empowerment to teacher job commitment and job satisfaction.
Training: Empowerment and Change Training & Development Alexandria, 5(7): 51.
Psychological Empowerment in the workplace: Dimensions, Measurement and Validation.

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