empty talk

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Team meetings include reporting on progress, but there is more empty talk about doing things than things actually happening.
and Cabinet in "tunnel" funding AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Future" bloc to Mikati: "Proportionality" serves Hezbollah's continuous control Election law debate expands awaiting for "political consensus" AL-AKHBAR: Committees: empty talk to mark time DAILY STAR: Bickering reigns as MPs set to address draft election law Sleiman pitch ensures Hezbollah arms only used under army command Violence rages in Syria cities as world powers grow war-weary A.
There is empty talk which is repeated in the West whenever such an incident occurs.
All empty talk of SDSM that they wish to integrate Macedonia into the EU and NATO has gone down the drain today considering that blocking this law stands for blocking that process, too.
The authors of Conquering Innovation Fatigue immediately captured my sympathy with the observation that "Few things make creative people wearier than empty talk about innovation.
All this bravado about primary opponents is just empty talk until the money is on the table.
But the last thing the Middle East needs is more empty talk.
The South Korean puppet war-like forces would be well advised to act with discretion, bearing deep in mind that such measures of the KPA (army) will not end in an empty talk," North Korea s KCNA news agency quoted a top official as saying.
KuttabA concluded: As negotiations begin, is it not now time for Israel to replace empty talk with action?
Here in Ontario's Twilight Zone, words have strange meanings, plans are not plans, empty talk is bold action, growth is declining population.
Given that these communities represent a large portion of the Dubai expatriate population, this is another sign that, despite the empty talk of sceptics, there is a continuing flow of real data showing the stability of the expatriate population," Dr Omar said.
Until and unless this mechanism yields results, it will be another venue for empty talk," he said.