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As for empty words, they include adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, particles, interjections, compounds and structures (2); their meaning is not always easy to grasp.
His pledge to force firms to put everyone on the lowest tariff was empty words.
England begin their tournament proper, after two warm-up victories, against Afghanistan at the Premadasa Stadium - where the first evidence will emerge as to whether they have so far been emitting empty words or statements of intent.
Summary: Now 17 months into the Syrian uprising and as yet all that the world has offered the Syrian people is a series of empty words.
The ruling coalition has neither money nor capacity to complete such mega projects without help of WB or ADB while statements to seek help from Islamic Development Bank, China, Middle East companies, and other agencies are nothing but empty words, he added.
Prime Minister Netanyahu provided himself with a broad government coalition which could give him backing for whatever policy he chooses - but so far he only utters empty words on being ready to enter negotiations, while refusing to stop settlement expansion or make any commitment on where the borders are supposed to be set.
We are tired of endless meetings and empty words from both sides.
Or is it the case that you have done nothing and the things you told the OFT were just empty words - as usual?
Qatar has proved beyond doubt that the Arab citizens have the ability to achieve their goals when they put in sincere and hard work and resort to science and technology and not empty words.
Empty moves (parts I and II) is a tribute to the Cage--Cunningham aesthetic, both in its use of Cage's Empty Words and in its apparent disconnect between sound and motion.
Washington and Seoul ''should clearly understand the army of the DPRK highly alerted with iron will and firm stand never says empty words,'' Korean Central News Agency said in a commentary.
To be in political opposition does not mean speaking empty words, Erdogan said.