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Obviously, you always want to emulate your father, and he's No.
The cells print as a liquid, but rapidly create gelatinous 3-D structures, which could potentially more precisely emulate the conditions within the human body than a flat, 2-D sample.
When functioning as a bridge, PacketExpert(TM) is not limited to emulating only IP networks, but can also emulate any type of network (regardless of network layer protocol) as long as the traffic is encapsulated in Ethernet.
The solution, based on RUB/E technology, can emulate the realistic behaviour of users, devices and network topology configurations; test realistic security scenarios; and predict user experience of data, video and voice applications, as an aggregate, in the pre-deployment phase.
African American males, faced with a dearth of same-sex productive, successful, contemporary models to emulate, may look to athletes and entertainers as a source of pride in themselves and their race and as an endorsement of a path to success that does not necessarily include catering to mainstream values (Majors & Billson, 1992).
Vizquel grew up idolizing Concepcion and tried to emulate him.
Consolidation: Some disk libraries can emulate multiple tape libraries simultaneously.
EMULATE A LARGE VoIP NETWORK with up to 20 media gateways and thousands of end points.
Digital NYC is an economic development strategy that gives both companies and communities the means to succeed, and it's one that many other places would do well to emulate.
A more attractive option is to emulate obsolete computers on future computers.
Coach Mike Wright, whose son is one of the players, said his young charges like to emulate the Los Angeles Lakers for which the program is named.