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Emulates 1 bi-directional (2 ports) WAN Link per PacketExpert(TM) unit.
According to the company, the solution allows network equipment manufacturers, service providers and large enterprises to emulate complex user behaviour and multidimensional data traffic during the pre-deployment phase, so that products and services are optimised for IP communications networks.
Because these same disk libraries emulate the software used to manage existing tape libraries, the backup application thinks it is still writing to tape, while actually writing to disk.
If an emulator of a given computer is to be validated against the machine that it emulates, it should be implemented before that machine becomes unusable.
IxVoice emulates subscribers and network services to test multi-vendor networks for interoperability.
Aggregate Knowledge offers the industry's first online Collective Discovery Service that emulates the way people naturally discover and shop for products and information offline.
ActivePoint's TX5(TM) Discovery Engine is a contextual relational search and guidance system that emulates the human communications process.
The W-Series leverages Azimuth's patented SmartMotion(TM) technology to emulate devices in motion, testMAC(TM) technology to emulate golden client or infrastructure devices, and Real2Real(TM) architecture that incorporates system testing of actual products.
The primary function of TDMoIP and similar pseudowire solutions is to emulate native services like ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet, low-rate TDM, or SONET/SDH over a common packet-switched network.
The "ACE"(TM) Emulates Real World Environments for Controlled Testing of 802.
com), the natural language, contextual search and guidance engine that emulates the human thought process, announced that 80 percent of online visitors to EasyAV that use its contextual search window for sales help are then making a purchase.
Ixia's DDoS test suite emulates a wide a range of Denial of Service attacks, including TCP SYN flood, Ping of Death, and port scans, making it easier to guard an IP network, and to speed the deployment of high quality services to subscribers, thus reducing the risk of revenue interruption for Carriers and Service Providers.