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Because these same disk libraries emulate the software used to manage existing tape libraries, the backup application thinks it is still writing to tape, while actually writing to disk.
If an emulator of a given computer is to be validated against the machine that it emulates, it should be implemented before that machine becomes unusable.
It automates the clustering of multiple Enterprise Emulation Systems together, forming a single system that emulates up to six million gates of logic.
IxLoad emulates IPTV and Triple Play subscribers and associated protocols to ensure subscriber Quality of Experience.
has announced general availability of its DX30--a disk-based backup solution that emulates a tape library.
The relationship will involve ActivePoint's complete product line including the TX5 Discovery Engine, a search and guidance system that emulates the human communications process, and the EasyFlip E-catalog, an intuitive online system that allows customers to browse and easily compare products just like flipping through a paper catalog.
The ACE emulates multipath and executes the TGn models which enables vendors to evaluate product performance across a large number of emulated "real world" environments.
The "ACE"(TM) Emulates Real World Environments for Controlled Testing of 802.
Ixia's DDoS test suite emulates a wide a range of Denial of Service attacks, including TCP SYN flood, Ping of Death, and port scans, making it easier to guard an IP network, and to speed the deployment of high quality services to subscribers, thus reducing the risk of revenue interruption for Carriers and Service Providers.
ActivePoint, the contextual natural language search and guidance engine that emulates the human thought process, announced that B2B online electronics supplier CableOrganizer has deployed ActivePoint's TX5(TM) Discovery Engine and interactive sales advisor to help customers find products with complex descriptions.
With the S2100-ES2, we are delivering the industry's most advanced VTL that dramatically out-performs tape and host-based D2D solutions, emulates the broadest variety of tape libraries, cost-effectively scales in capacity and performance, and supports the growing family of ReadyRestore(TM) applications.