en masse

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He had said that he was seriously thinking about giving en masse resignations from the assemblies as the parliament had lost its utility to protect the rights of the people.
Entre inquietude et espoir, les citoyens ont vote en masse pour donner le bon exemple democratique et prouver au monde entier que l'Egypte fut, est et demeure a jamais le berceau des civilisations a travers un scrutin parlementaire libre, integre et se deroulant dans un climat democratique sans precedent.
Previous en masse productions which have come to Liverpool include The Shelter, an exciting trip through the reality of war time, and The Ignatius Trail - a story of pirates which entertained youngsters during the Unity's annual Splatterfest a few years ago.
It is also common practice that voting for the premier is held at parliament right after the en masse resignation,'' the top government spokesman said.
In this exhibit, reality itself becomes a module in a methodical process; it is not just enlarged or reduced, not just shown in reverse, but rather copied en masse, layered and folded into infinity.
Sherman's March to the Sea looks critically at sources that would vilify or sanctify Sherman's actions or personality beyond what the events of history say, and focuses upon what Sherman himself intended his wartime strategy to be: not a "total war" in which civilians are brutally slaughtered en masse, but rather extreme property, city, and supplies destruction designed to force the South to end the war as quickly as possible, therefore saving lives in the long run.
Yet even while oil prices soar, it's a far-fetched fantasy to think our country could return en masse to our horse-powered roots.
Introspection ensued because the levee en masse myth calls on understandings of collective and individual honor.
They're working to get 20,000 libertarians to move en masse to New Hampshire, with the intention of further minimizing government in the Granite State.
If there is a moment that captures the resonance of our accomplishments in 2004 with our magazine and in black publishing, it is the sound of the African drums accompanying the procession of exhibitors as we marched en masse for the first time to the African American Publisher's Pavilion at BookExpo of America in Chicago back in June.
Bishop Wallace, who voted in favour of the clause, said there has been mixed reaction to the resolution in his diocese but that he saw no "very clear trend" of priests or parishioners leaving en masse.
DONNY OF PHARMACY SKATESHOP is of that raze breed of frontiersman who would not only start a business in the harsh retail landscape of the American desert, but then gamble it all by inviting, en masse, the entire free world of skateboarding to his private home to risk life and limb on a homemade hubba ledge.