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The DiscTag Enabled workflow uses a unique marker on each layer as a key to retrieve a "Gold Reference" HCRC value and XML metadata from a network location and enable automatic physical testing with HCRC logical verification.
Retain More Backups Online -- With up to a 25:1 de-duplication ratio for a typical mix of business application data such as files and email, the S2100-DS2 enables users to keep more data online than any competing solution; compression can be enabled for a multiplicative affect resulting up to 50:1 ratios;
The movement of highly adoptive IT systems in the industries has paved the way for enabled technologies to shift from basic/common applications to industry-specific applications.
Working with Ember has enabled Blackfin designers to quickly and easily tap into the ZigBee network.
the leading XML enabled networking solutions provider, today unveiled the industry's first network-based comprehensive XML-enabled networking solutions with innovative technology that automatically discovers, provisions and protects the growing landslide of XML services throughout the enterprise - delivering instant XML Enabled Networking.