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Commenting on this Braham Shnider, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Channel Enablers said, “Channel Success Essentials establishes the common language, process and understanding essential for partnering success and a public workshop format will allow participants to gauge ideas and solutions from both an industry and demographic standpoint.
It bridges the gap left in the absence of the legacy materiel management centers and leverages the logistics information systems resident in the sustainment brigade support operations section as well as those of outside enablers.
Channel Enablers has a strong brand in channel partnerships.
Interest in smart enablers is growing and the proposition becoming better understood.
Key Words: Construction, Growth, Enablers, Drivers, Dependency
Authoritative direction (such as from the Joint Staff) and JFCOM support are the first key enablers in adopting joint.
Rather, they will use the enablers to create interoperable devices that are differentiated at the design level and in the number of functions that they support.
Each test fest now tests as many as 10 of the OMA's enablers, a significant growth in the scale and scope of testing performed at each event.
Second-generation enablers present new possibilities - and challenges
For more information on these Enablers and links to open technical specifications, please download the PRESS BACKGROUNDER document at http://www.
BPM is the first of a new class of software - next generation business enablers - that bear little similarity to software of the past.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- In an ongoing effort to accelerate the wireless industry's adoption of rich and accessible mobile services, the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), an industry organization delivering specifications for interoperable mobile service enablers across the world, today announced the release of the OMA DRM 2.