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His account was first published as the introduction to the 2008 reprint of Alexander's Enarratio de anima ex Aristotelis institutione.
What remains unaffacted by the interpretative path we choose is that both types of image are exponents of a visual rhetoric that enlists, beside enarratio, verismilitude to fulfill its potency, leaving the signified undiluted.
For the first shortcoming I make no apology: rhetorical conventions have been intrinsic to writing and painting during the fourteenth century, and the visual landscapes of the Gawain-poet and Petrarch do suggest the presence of rhetorical models compatible with naturalism: enarratio and descriptio loci in the case of the former and the explicatio of the vista in the case of the latter.
8:4, he promises to show the reasoned suitability behind the moon's signifying the Church, Enarratio in Psalmum 8:9 (PL 36:112; Expositions on the Book of Psalms 30).
In his enarratio on Psalm 45, whenever Augustine discusses any verses of the psalm that pertain to the virgin bride or to her attendants (the "daughters of kings" of Psalm 45:10), his interpretations are resolutely ecclesial.
See, for example, the conclusion of Enarratio in ps.
New knowledge, "newe science," emerges from "olde bokes" through the process of enarratio or exegesis of content.
Instead Luther offers a confessional enarratio of the action attested in the biblical books, a single action of God who is freeing and empowering humans by entering their lives with a promissory testament of grace in Christ.
Denis the Carthusian, Enarratio in Canticum Canticorum 42.
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In his Enarratio in Psalmum 90, he describes the four animals mentioned in verse 13 of the Psalm as representative of four aspects of the devil.