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This is a variation of the procedure for encapsulating antioxidants for sustained release in polymers, in order to improve the stability of the polymer (ref.
Encapsulating iron raises the cost of the finished product about 4 cents per kilogram, which could nearly double salt's price in some nations, Diosady acknowledges.
Encapsulating flavors, fragrances, vitamins and other essential nutrients by using modified starches, maltodextrins and gum arabic often involves experiencing many drawbacks and deficiencies.
Thermasil silicones are thermally conductive, fire resistant materials for dielectric potting and encapsulating in electronics and aerospace applications.
Many food manufacturers would regard this as 'unthinkable,' but Balchem likes to think of it as encapsulating sensory for food.
Sphingosomal drug delivery consists of encapsulating an already approved cancer agent in a lipid envelope.
Encapsulating materials that "know" when and where to release their contents--for instance, in the intestine, which is less acidic than the stomach--could enhance absorption, Marquez says.
Many techniques can be used for encapsulating materials.