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Their abstract states that the invention "relates to a process for encapsulating radioactive waste in the form of small powder particles, beads or granules having an average particle size of less than 2 mm.
Moreover, parameters like particle size, composition of shell material and loading of the host are of major importance for the release behavior and, thus, in the case of encapsulating an accelerator on its release behavior and eventually on the curing characteristics of the rubber.
Going forward, AIST will proceed with research to verify the optical functionality, safety and durability of carbon nanotubes encapsulating beta-carotene with a view to developing fading-resistant inks.
The double droplets could be useful for encapsulating food additives and components of cosmetics.
iSCSI is a new Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol for encapsulating SCSI commands into TCP/IP packets and enabling block data transport over IP networks.
The CompelAroma technology allows food and beverage marketers to differentiate brands by encapsulating flavors within the structure of plastic packaging that release desirable aromas.
P sought to recover costs incurred in removing and encapsulating asbestos in an addition to one of its office buildings.
Company's Encapsulation Technology offers a highly efficient and economical means of encapsulating a variety of products and ingredients.
The method being pursued involves encapsulating these radionuclides with liposomes, which are spherical lipid vesicles that can mimic cellular membranes.