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Then, the encephalon delay to correct an inadequate decision making, the opponent can attack with speed because the chance of making a point is great (Afonso, Garganta and Mesquita, 2012).
The running water from the autopsy room was only in contact with the encephalon surface while washing it.
Objectives: To determine if thimerosal administration in amounts equivalent to vaccines content produces neurotoxic effects on the encephalon in postnatal hamsters and on experimentation animals' development.
So in considering paralysis as a result of loss of muscular power, Tuke comments "that the motor centres are frequently enfeebled by the abnormal play of emotion upon them," and adds immediately: "an emotion may also be conceived to cause a structural change in the higher centres of the encephalon.
Called Encephalon, the neural network incorporates modules for processing sensor data, controlling the robot's actions, and performing other functions.
The patient should remain in a coma, ventilated with mechanical respiration, without any convulsive attacks, decorticate or decerebrate postures, or other responses originating in the encephalon (spinal reflexes may persist) for at least 30 min.
The uniqueness and hypercomplexity of the human being consist of this contradictory reunion of the three levels of the encephalon.
Thus, neurophysiologists and biologists have revealed in the morphology of the encephalon three well-defined levels, which correspond to as many evolutionary stages: the paleocefal (brainstem), which belongs to the reptilian age of mammals, and is the seat of instincts of procreation, prey, territory defense, gregariousness; the midbrain (associative cortex), emerging with the first mammalian brain development, and being the seat of emotional events; and the neocortex, the seat of logical operations.
By thoracic, he meant the lung and heart; and by nervous system, he denoted the encephalon, medulla spinalis and nerves.
taurus mandibular musculature nerves and to provide more detailed information concerning the anatomical features of the trigeminal nerve of this species, as well as its precisely origin on the encephalon.
There are several difficulties regarding the encephalon of the vertebrates vascularization study: inadequate denomination, lack of a pattern for the anatomical position for quadrupeds, tendency to follow the human anatomical descriptions concerning the encephalon, and countless descriptions applied to the encephalic arteries.

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