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The Dutch denies, yet we know that they were first to develop the trade in enchained African bodies as a modern, global, corporate enterprise.
The Middle Passage from Africa to the plantation colonies took approximately three months during which the people remained enchained in darkness in minimum space, the living, sick and dead side by side, laying in their excrements and vomit, and without any possibility of movement.
Many farmers without seeds and fertilizers remain entrenched in poverty-government stealing has kept them enchained to dehumanizing poverty," it said.
Here, too, he underscores the poet's subversive, multivalent critique of American slavery, this time through a public address to "Liberty" about tyrannical parents and enchained weepers.
The social, political and/or symbolic reasons proposed to explain this behaviour range from the construction of personhood to social categories or gender identity, in some cases participating in a larger enchained network of groups/ families and in rituals related to the dead (Chapman & Gaydarska 2007).
Here the child's labour is supporting the parent, and the debt of allegiance is an obligation for those that are enchained.
In the Ottoman period what had to be enchained in the Golden Horn, as the main trade harbor, was the economic flows into the capital city and the Leaded Magazine converted from the Fort of Galata was an artifice of this transformation.
This was yet another legacy to which the people of Pakistan have remained agonizingly enchained.
The explanations are thorough and clearly enchained in a logical argument structure.
Metaphorically, they suggest the rigid, enchained logic of causality, the relativity of connective forces (as in 'the weakest link') and serially linked processes (food chains, chains of events).
He added the familiar scenario, also used in Spain, of a once-free people gradually enchained by tsars and princes acting against God's will, since "evil power cannot come from God.
Laila, meanwhile, is literally enchained in her own home, so great is her yearning for Majnun.