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The compounded situation has prompted Darul Iftaa (board of senior Muslim clerics that issue religious edicts) to appeal to the people of Sinai to abide by general rules and religious tenets which prohibit the practice of all forms of enchainment.
The extensive use of enchainment is likely to jeopardise the relation between tribes.
The politicisation of these exchanges is grounded on the structural possibilities of intensification, vying for prestige, limited enchainment via political-marital alliance and exchange.
One point she makes is that the enchainment characteristic of tee is functionally interrelated with (and perhaps a consequence of) the famous Enga dictum that 'we marry the people we fight'.
Yoga as enchainment and embodiment of herd mentality?
The authors carefully define their novel ideas, including the notion that fragmentation could be a desired outcome of the user, to how fragments affect categorization and theories of enchainment.
In this poem slavery belongs, not to the oppressed, as a mark of their enchainment, but to all those who passively stand by and allow oppression to continue.
9), polar modified polymerizations of 1,3-butadiene allow for a wide range of heterotactic vinyl enchainment levels.
He suggests that ceramics, figurines, altars, Adriatic salt pots, incised signs, Spondylus ornaments and copper axes all figured in a sociology of enchainment.
4 `the enchainment of social relations using fragmentary objects' (p.
9) Vinyl enchainment in SSBR polymerization: Steric and electronic effects.