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Caption: TOP ROW Under their spell: Frederick Ashton bares his claws as the enchanter Kostchei in The Firebird; Wendy Whelan prepares to destroy her hapless prey as the novice in the NYCB production of Jerome Robbins' The Cage; Dracula, as conceived by Colorado Ballet, has emerged a newly popular villain.
Capitalizing gives the word money a sort of character: the enchanter, deceiver, devil.
To console the boy--after all, the loss of a beloved toy is a traumatic event for a child--Tolkien made up a story about a real dog turned into a toy by an enchanter and his adventures under the sea and in the moon.
They have venom like the venom of a serpent, like the deaf adder that stops its ear, so that it does not hear the voice of charmers or of the cunning enchanter.
Bitch enchanter passing down the street, tattered bag on his shoulder.
In Peter the Great's 1715 Military Law Code, article 1 states that if "any soldier is found to be an idol-worshipper, black magician (chernoknizhets), gun-charmer, or superstitious and blasphemous enchanter (charodei) .
The brothers went to the enchanter Merlin to ask him how to rescue her, and he gave them simple and explicit instructions.
Based on the story of Swan Lake, the hero is dashing Prince Derek who is distraught when fiancee Princess Odette is kidnapped by evil enchanter Rothbart.
Yet he was an enchanter of the soul, drawing to him the affection and gentle kindness of people who recognized his unique value and learned to appreciate him.
Then they will revel a while longer as they rediscover some of their favorite Python characters, including the lovely and talented Bridgekeeper of Death, Patsy the Servant, Tim the Enchanter, the Three Headed Knight, The Virginal Sisters of Anthrax (yes, it's true) and others.
Selon les initiateurs de ce rendez-vous artistique d'envergure, d'illustres symboles de l'art des Rouaiss seront de la partie, notamment Ait El Ati, Lahoucine El Baz, Ali Faiq, Lahcen Bizenkad et bien d'autres-Cette pleiade de chantres de la musique amazighe traditionnelle auront, en effet, l'occasion de faire vibrer la scene de spectacle et enchanter les populations avides de ce genre de prestations.
Top of the sale at PS3,600 (plus VAT) was the five-year-old bay Welsh Cob stallion Maescrofta Don Juan, by Maesmynach Enchanter, out of Deildre Jubilee.