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Thus, Chapter 5 does introduce reconnaissance, security operations, troop movement, relief in place, passage of lines, and encirclement operations, but it does not cover mobility operations which is the subject of its own manual.
95) joins others in Osprey's 'Campaign' series and provides powerful indepth survey of the fighting around the town of Demyansk, one of the longest encirclement battles of World War II.
Iran's concern with the presence of its advisors and some key military leaders on Syrian territory, as Tehran is determined to head off any encirclement of Iran via Turkey (a NATO member), is just as important as Russia's determination to have a back-up plan with regard to the extension of Turkey's regional influence, as the Syrian regime erodes.
With an auto, it puts the "drumstick" of the support thumb against the weak-hand side of the pistol frame, giving comforting and comfortable 360-degree encirclement of the gun.
Shebab fighters control large parts of central and southern Somalia but are facing growing encirclement from government forces and regional armies.
Karzai worried Pakistan by signing a strategic partnership with its arch-rival India earlier this month, stoking old Pakistani fears of encirclement by unfriendly neighbours on its western and eastern borders.
Instead they rely on maneuver, ambush, and encirclement.
Without appraising the broader political tensions between China and India--specifically China's territorial claim over Arunachal Pradesh and the dynamics of encirclement politics vis-a-vis major countries such as Russia, Pakistan and Japan--, many would argue that the apparent congruence between Chinese and Indian economic interests is insufficient to guarantee comity rather than tension.
A group of Russian war academics taking part in a war reenactment find themselves travelling back in time to a key battle in 1944 as an SS Division fights to break out of a Russian/Ukranian encirclement.
As Snyder notes, both Stalin and Hitler saw themselves as victims of an international conspiracy--for Stalin, the threat was capitalist encirclement and infiltration; for Hitler, it was the cosmic menace of the Jewish people--which thus justified the wanton slaughter of millions of innocent people according to a logic of self-defense.