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Specifically, their orders to the German commanders in Normandy to spurn retreat and attempt a counterbreakthrough to Avranches--as the Americans fought their way south and then east, and as the British broke out from Caen--significantly contributed to the encirclement of the German forces and to the great losses of men and equipment at Falaise.
Instead of forging an independent and self-reliant foreign policy in response to Chinese territorial incursions, the Aquino administration would let this country reprise its role as a neocolonial outpost, a staging area for the encirclement of China by the US," he said.
As feelings of hostile encirclement increased during the 1930s, a "Stalinist superiority complex" developed that stressed that the USSR had surpassed the West and that the great experiment should be protected from outside influences as much as possible, a belief that shaped much of the early Cold War.
Colonel Dai, an outspoken strategist at the People's Liberation Army's National Defence University, said that Australia is one of the links in America's encirclement of China.
China, on the other hand, has wei qui (known in Japan as go), which focuses on strategic encirclement.
After weeks of shelling and encirclement, Gaddafi's forces appear to be gradually loosening the rebels' hold on Misrata," the report said.
Speaking on "India's response to security challenges in IOR," he said, "With the encirclement strategy, commerce through the IOR could be easily choked by way of disruptions of trade routes through sea.
Lying behind this are the perceived slights at the hands of the West since the collapse of the Soviet Union, a fear of encirclement by old enemies and new-found wealth from oil and gas revenues which allow it to once more strut the world stage.
Today, more than 90 percent of the world's tuna companies adhere to the international standards for Dolphin Safe tuna of no encirclement of dolphins.
Ofan was on his way, with his wife and children, to take part in the monthly encirclement of the gates of the Temple Mount, which he helps organize.
French President Jacques Chirac acknowledges that the military encirclement of Iraq by U.
But Russia has accepted the encirclement as an embrace.