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It is great that we will be able to give easier access to visitors to RESTORATION Kielder Viaduct is to be part of the pounds 3m Kielder Way, which encircles the lake Kielder Water and Forest Park.
Its mix of pine, spruce, and other hardy trees encircle the globe like a giant green halo.
The chrome island that encircles the scroll wheel contrasts with its rubberized, black grips and steel grey top.
Called the "emerald circle," a lush belt of greenery encircles Earth's equator--the tropical rainforests of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.
Each level that encircles the pole can spin at different rates to create different levels of gravity, Cooksey said.
Images unveiled this week show that a disk of gas extending 130 light-years in diameter and coming within 7 light-years of the center encircles the black hole.
equipped with a mini video monitor and a small loudspeaker" - that shows various sequences from prerecorded interviews with the bearer recounting his or her experiences; and a "Mouthpiece," an object that encircles the jaw with a small video monitor placed directly over the wearer's mouth, showing the lips moving in sync to a prerecorded narrative.
Out of the silence we hear the music of a marching band from a great distance behind us, gradually growing louder as it approaches and encircles us, though presumably outside.
The work will include moving a road that encircles the parking lot and providing parking to replace spaces that will be taken over by the Dillard's store.
Violet light emanates from a disk that encircles the star and is sandwiched between the lobes.
Her "Areas of Disrepair" series, 1993--composed of 14 shelf units with six elements each--consists of small pieces of fabric drawn from old tablecloths and handkerchiefs, all punctured by small holes that Wilson either encircles or patches with knits of dark hair and thread.
Quick Fit System: A belt encircles the head to help keep the