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The comedian, who made his debut as cigar-chomping Winston Churchill in the Fringe show, had threatened to ignore the law which forbids smoking in enclosed spaces.
Hammershoi's woman sits in an enclosed space, head bent.
Finding nearly no studies in the literature on the accumulation of waves in an enclosed space, he derived a simple formula to predict their average strength.
Using complex formulas to estimate the reflectivity of surfaces in train cars and elevators, Hondou found that the cumulative effect of multiple people using cell phones in an enclosed space may create radiation levels that exceed the maximum exposure level recommended by the International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP).
This area is an enclosed space of modest size off of the main floor.
This reluctance to interrupt reflected the tolerance inherent in cafe sociability: "the principle that each person or group should be as tolerant as possible of the shoves, slights, and other minor irritations that were an inevitable part of interacting within an enclosed space.
A group of agoraphobia sufferers, whose difficulties appeared when driving alone or when confined in an enclosed space, reported virtually no thoughts of impending danger or panic while immersed in these experiences, Williams and his coworkers report in the November Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
Opened in 1990, the flexible-seating house--accommodating between 160 and 220 and situated down the hill from the larger, original "barn" theater constructed in the forties by Pillow founder Ted Shawn--is a congenial enclosed space amid the lush summer greenery of the Berkshire Hills.
Joe Curran, Liverpool Chamber's Pub Watch manager, said: "We would like to emphasise to members of the public that smoking in an enclosed space is illegal, all licensed premises now provide an outside area of their premises to allow people to smoke, and a collecting receptacle for butts.
As previously reported in the Telegraph, dancers from lap-dancing club Heat are lighting up outside the venue in City Arcade which some businesses believe is an enclosed space where smoking is banned.
In future, anyone who discharges a weapon in an enclosed space will face lengthy terms of imprisonment but paramilitaries who shoot people in the open air or who fire through a window "from a reasonable distance" will, as usual, have their wrists slapped and be released after a few months.
I mean, leather tightens in an enclosed space, I'm told.