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At present the existing Keep Clear markings at the 81 schools enclosed within this order do not have a traffic regulation order or signage and therefore are unenforceable.
Complex electronics are enclosed within the soft, rounded corners of its case, which is available in sleek black or bright white.
other words, Israel wants to drag the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to agree to a flimsy Palestinian fragmented state on parts of the West Bank, totally disarmed and completely enclosed within the Zionist state.
Greyhounds, page 56 Where racing and dogs meet Nottingham Situated in the same complex but with completely separate tracks, the grandstand at Nottingham nevertheless offers views out over the turf racecourse and the venues share a car park Dundalk Ireland's first all-weather track opened in 2007, with the greyhound track enclosed within the much larger racetrack, in the same way as Kempton's all-weather track sits within its turf course Newton Abbot Abandoned since 2005, the old flapping track at Newton Abbot can still be seen as a faint outline in the north-east corner of satellite photos of the Devon racecourse
You are all enclosed within your camp or patrol base; there is no refuge, no private corner to go to, to deal with your grief.
Usage will be for the establishment of a bowling club, but with artificial all-weather surfacing enclosed within an air-dome, temporary structure.
This included the removal of asbestos gaskets enclosed within the boiler.
For use mainly in end-of-line applications, the ALUMASTER will reliably detect magnetic and magnetisable metals, including stainless steel and nickel, enclosed within the product.
Published by Transnational Publishers and enclosed within a Martinus Nijhoff bindings (both are imprints of Brill), this four-volume work contains the 51st release of a work originally published in 1980.
To bridge these two intimate realms of experience--the act of writing the letters and then of reading them almost a century later--the viewer entered an installation of three stagelike units, enclosed within each other like Russian matryoshka dolls.
The entire machine is enclosed within a Makino Thermal Guard[TM] temperature system, which helps control the temperature inside the covers to within 1[degrees]F (0.
Each foam comprises a hard skin layer and a foamed layer entirely enclosed within the skin layer.