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Nick Smith, director of racing and communications at Ascot, said: "The royal enclosure remains the same because it has a very special identity but premier admission and grandstand are cold terms and we thought we would try to do something interesting and unique that better reflects our history - Queen Anne and King Edward VII do just that.
For more information on Bud's inventory of plastic enclosures, visit http://www.
All of these enclosures also have extensive customized precision hole patterns.
WED 27 APR: PONTEFRACT pounds 4 off entrance to Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure
Presently, the customer's order requirements for these customized enclosures are handled by CNC machining.
The North Carolina Zoological Park built its three-acre enclosure 25 years ago, and is currently increasing to six acres.
Standard features for this expanded line of weather-protective and sound-attenuated enclosures include all-steel construction, stainless-steel hardware, lockable access doors, protected exhaust system and side-mounted generator controls.
DataPort Serial ATA Storage Enclosures can also support IDE/ATA hard drives when using the company's new IDE-to-Serial ATA removable drive carriers as an optional feature.
Serial ATA storage enclosures are built in variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the application.
For this purpose, Inclosia Solutions has formed a collaborative alliance with Eimo Oyj in Lahti, Finland, a designer and molder of enclosures for telecommunications.
Kiesecker placed 10 wood frog hatchlings of the species Rana sylvatica in each of the 36 enclosures.