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His party and the state institutions were filled with corrupted people and encomiasts.
Rampant mobility--which from the Goods Roads movement to the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways was a Big Government project, lest encomiasts of the Open Road forget-undermined family, church, community, and neighborliness.
In their different ways the encomiasts agree that Four Lectures is a work precisely and adequately responsive to its time, very much what was being said about dozens of other variously scrambled works then being published.
But if these hymns free the speaker to cry "Amen" in solidarity with other encomiasts, they also cast him in a satiric light, as the only "unlettered" clerk among a host of golden pens.
However, now this defensiveness is caught between a concern for spectacle continuous with nineteenth-century 'official nationalism' and a new self-consciousness--a certain kind of postnationalism that only feels comfortable in using the flattering images of encomiasts and creative consultants to project an image of itself to itself.