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The present paper will seek to argue that Oration 53 is an exercise in invention, as opposed to an extended specimen of epideictic oratory, and that it presents an innovative strategy for an encomium of Homer in that it deliberately creates, and subsequently confronts and resolves, a dilemma which challenges the cultural and literary loyalties of Dio's own age: Homer vs.
The one regret this reviewer has is the reduction of most of the previous accounts' twenty seven Stephanus pages leading up to Socrates' encomium of eros as mere anticipation or muddled attempts to define the nature and power of eros.
A godforsaken hour it may be, but night owls seeking an alternative to the desperately unfunny Jack Dee on the adjacent BBC4 - appropriately entitled Lead Balloon given how it's likely to go down - should tune into this quirky encomium to the glorious sport of darts.
In the same year as Koegler's encomium, MacMillan resigned the directorship, remaining as principal choreographer, while Norman Morrice, from the Ballet Rambert, took over as director.
Yet The Inner Circle reads as an encomium next to the bilious assessments of Kinsey's detractors, among whom monster seems to be the favored epithet.
Sfondrati nuns themselves joined in the encomium of Borromeo.
s book to appreciate Karl Popper's encomium of Kolnai as "one of the most original and stimulating thinkers in the field of political philosophy.
com, many of them gauzy tributes, each striving to bestow an encomium more noble and gallant than the last.
John writes an encomium, not a life of Paul, treating Paul as the model of Christian virtues, while Augustine sees Paul as one struggling to arrive at a fully Christian existence.
The three-sentence encomium at the base of the page included this: "Nucor's 8,400 employees are saddened by his passing, but committed to his principals.
The Honourable (and this is one of those rare occasions when the encomium is deserved) Preston Manning exited from Canadian politics as he first entered: with passion, vision, and grace.