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In encounter groups that use storytelling, group participants share their life stories, without interruption, within the context of the conflict being discussed, and then reflect together, as a group, on possible personal-social-cultural-political meanings that the story and experiences have.
Though none in the encounter group had lived nearly as adventurous a life as Graham, few of them seemed impressed with his 'John Wayne' aura.
While a videotaped encounter group is far from a work of art, Ryan's notion of infolding is useful as an alternative model of the relation between video and narcissism.
After a year, Ratelle sat in on an encounter group with several inmates, including a couple of "old timers" who he had known for 20 years or more.
It got to the point where I couldn't step out of the shower without bumping into an encounter group.
In his later days he conducted encounter groups with conflicting political factions, such as Protestants and Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland and with black and white South Africans.
Although multiple methodologies (gestalt therapy, neurolinguistic programming, encounter groups and group therapy, psychodrama and more) are discussed, the role and value of hypnosis receives especial focus.
The other striking difference between that country and this, was that nowhere did I encounter groups of young people hanging around aimlessly on street corners drinking alcohol, smoking, and using foul language.