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In this second encounter, the Templar aimed at the centre of his antagonist's shield, and struck it so fair and forcibly, that his spear went to shivers, and the Disinherited Knight reeled in his saddle.
The marshals of the field, however, spurred their horses between them, and reminded them, that the laws of the tournament did not, on the present occasion, permit this species of encounter.
On foot or horseback, with spear, with axe, or with sword, I am alike ready to encounter thee.
He then commanded his trumpet to sound a defiance to the challengers, and desired a herald to announce to them, that he should make no election, but was willing to encounter them in the order in which they pleased to advance against him.
In the stranger's third encounter with Sir Philip Malvoisin, he was equally successful; striking that baron so forcibly on the casque, that the laces of the helmet broke, and Malvoisin, only saved from falling by being unhelmeted, was declared vanquished like his companions.
De Grantmesnil's horse, which was young and violent, reared and plunged in the course of the career so as to disturb the rider's aim, and the stranger, declining to take the advantage which this accident afforded him, raised his lance, and passing his antagonist without touching him, wheeled his horse and rode back again to his own end of the lists, offering his antagonist, by a herald, the chance of a second encounter.
At a time, when the genuineness of the encounters is being questioned as some of them have proved to fake and staged and evidence about these is surfacing, another BJP leader and state's deputy chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya has said; 'encounters are a must for bringing in the Ram Rajya, the Hindu utopia, in Uttar Pradesh.
The proportion of encounters by payer and reimbursement/inpatient encounter were compared in 2013 versus 2014.
Service encounters are critical moments of truth in which customers often develop indelible impressions of a firm.
An officer encounters an individual who fits a certain pattern of behavior that he has seen many times.
Yamaha's Keyboard Encounters program, which gives students from age 10 and up an innovative hands-on way to develop musical creativity, is now available as a group piano program for younger students ages 7 to 9.